Why Do You Need Expert Aftercare?

While surgical symptoms do clear naturally, investing in expert aftercare can substantially decrease your 'down time'. You will look & feel better much sooner, reduce the risk of complications, see your results earlier & get back to living your life more quickly.

The therapies I offer ease pain, reduce inflammation, detoxify your system from anaesthetics, promote uncomplicated wound, skin & tissue healing, decrease swelling, disperse bruising, encourage soft, even results & manage scarring of any type or age.

"When you have spent £1000's researching & choosing the best surgeon, why leave your healing in the hands of Youtube & social media?"

Clinical Therapies

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

MLD is a gentle, soothing massage technique that powerfully stimulates the lymphatic system to remove toxic by-products, inflammation and fluid retention. It effectively relieves pain, swelling, bloating & congested tissues. It stimulates immune function & digestion. MLD should never hurt. It is so gentle it can be given less than 24 hours after surgery.

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Myofascial Release

Myofascial release restores free movement of connective tissues, which have been changed by the removal of skin, bone and tissues or adipose tissue during surgical procedures. It instates new postural patterns and promotes the laying down, or excessive build up, of scar tissue.

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Deep Oscillation

'Deep Oscillation' is a mobile device which creates a healing, vibrating, electrostatic field between the tissues of a patient and the therapist’s hands. Deep Oscillation greatly enhances the therapeutic value of MLD.

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Lymphascial Kinesiology Taping

Lymphascial Kinesiology Taping is applied after manual therapies at the end of a session; It is worn for days to prolong the therapeutic effects. It stimulates and supports the lymphatic system to effectively and quickly reduce pain, swelling, bloating, bruising and speed the reduction of post-surgical inflammation.

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Compression Garments

There are many misconceptions about compression therapy; the first and most problematic is that COMPRESSION does not equal CONSTRICTION! 'The tighter the better' is not correct; too much compression can be dangerous, as it restricts essential blood flow to healing areas, which can lead to death (necrosis) of the tissues & skin, wound re-opening (dehiscence) allowing infection to enter, delayed healing and lumpy, uneven results.

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Scar Work


Speed results from all facial, neck, gynecomastia and body surgeries plus Vaser, Mid & High definition liposuction with post-op MLD & Deep Oscillation therapy

About Clare Anvar

I have been a clinical massage therapist since 2004. I am highly skilled with a lot of experience, not only with simple surgical recovery but with every type of complication. I work with plastic, cosmetic, reconstructive, oncology and orthopaedic surgeons to speed initial recovery or improve delayed healing. I work to gain the best results, in the shortest time possible.

I am registered with most insurance companies. I have worked in many clinical settings; in complementary cancer services at University College Hospital, London, Horder Healthcare and the McIndoe Centre in East Grinstead.

I have extensive training in Manual Lymphatic Drainage, myofascial release and scar work. I have a BSc(Hons) in Health Sciences: Remedial Massage & Neuromuscular Therapy and an MSc in Complementary Medicine. I teach and lecture on Kinesiology Taping protocols for post-surgical recovery. Click to view my CV on LinkedIn


Clare Anvar

What my clients have to say about me

“I was scared to come because Manual Lymphatic Drainage sounds so painful and I am already so beaten up. It was so soothing and gentle-I can’t believe I fell asleep. I feel much more relaxed and less painful today, thank you”


“My leg shape has changed already. I can’t stop touching my knees, I can feel bone. I have knee caps. My knees touch and I have a gap between my thighs”

Leanne with Lipoedema

“The kinesiology tape was a revelation to me, I just couldn’t see how it could work, but it did! My whole pubic area looks normal again! My husband says can he have some on his belly? Lol”


“What a difference a day makes! Wow, the swelling has improved so much! I feel so much more comfortable, thank you”


“After an endless hunt of practitioners, I found Clare and so happy I did. She’s incredibly knowledgeable about all things health as well as her specialities, brilliant at what she does and so wonderfully empathic and warm, I can’t recommend enough”


“I look like a lattice pie but the swelling has gone! Amazing”


“I can’t believe the difference with this compression garment! I can actually breathe since you properly fitted me for it. And thanks for the (20%) discount code!”


“Being excellent isn’t about when everything is healing well but when things go wrong. I called Clare and she immediately recognised that I needed to be in hospital; I had necrosis in my wound…I will always be grateful, as I could have died”


“Thank you for being so kind, Clare. I felt so bad dealing with all this self-inflicted pain. I was really ready to give up before I met you”


“OMG, had the first night without Codeine since I came out of hospital and I had a poo, you are incredible! Thanks”


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