Compression Garments

There are many misconceptions about compression therapy; the first and most problematic is that COMPRESSION does not equal CONSTRICTION! 'The tighter the better' is not correct; too much compression can be dangerous, as it restricts essential blood flow to healing areas, which can lead to death (necrosis) of the tissues & skin, wound re-opening (dehiscence) allowing infection to enter, delayed healing and lumpy, uneven results; especially with liposuction and lipofilling. Over compressing restricts lymphatic drainage. Layering compression garments or overlapping is also unhealthy, as this leads to a tourniquet effect under overlapped layers & edges. If a garment creases, it will cause lines and uneven ridges to the skin and deeper tissues beneath. Compression that is too small or tight, instead of decreasing swelling (oedema), will push the swelling to the edges of the garment-often to the genital area with open crotch styled body suits. This can be extremely uncomfortable and concerning for many clients.


Wrong Bra


Necrosis 2

Benefits of Correct Compression

  • Improved comfort
  • Improved circulation
  • Reduced bruising & swelling
  • Reduced risk of complications Like seroma, haematoma or lymphoedema
  • Reduced risk of skin irregularities when A compression garment exerts even pressure over the area

Risks of Poorly Fitted Compression

  • Correctly designed and fitted compression is crucial for recovery
  • Excessive compression does not allow bruising to percolate through the tissues to the skin
  • Uneven compression causes induration, fibrosis & uneven results
  • Excessive compression can cut off blood capillaries, impair oxygen delivery to the skin & can cause blistering, ulceration, hardening of the tissues and infection (necrotising fasciitis)

I have worked with garment company Macom® to create garments, which are designed beautifully with lymphatic drainage in mind, very good quality and provide excellent, comfortable compression. The most important thing with any garment is that it fits correctly. Garments should be smooth, comfortable and hold you GENTLY. You should be able to breathe easily. With consistent and evenly distributed pressure, the tissues are given the necessary support to heal naturally.  As the garment is being worn, the skin remains stable, reducing pain caused by movement.

Compression garments are viewed as an essential part of post-surgical healing. Fitted and worn correctly, this is the case. I offer a bespoke fitting service with 20% off of all listed Macom® prices, so that your garments will help, not hinder, your recovery.

Why do you need that service when you can browse and buy online yourself?

To save you money and ensure the speediest results! Every person reacts differently to surgery. Buying garments beforehand, although popular, is often not the best way and leads to numerous extra, unnecessary  purchases along the way.


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