Deep Oscillation

Deep Oscillation

What is Deep Oscillation?

Patented 'Deep Oscillation' is a mobile device which creates a healing, vibrating, electrostatic field between the tissues of a patient and the therapist’s hands. The therapist wears surgical gloves and delivers the therapy while performing massage therapies. Deep Oscillation greatly enhances the therapeutic value of MLD.

How does it work?
Through the gloved hands of the therapist, the underlying tissues are alternately attracted and released, resulting in pleasant, healing vibrations, which can reach 8cm depth.
The device can be programmed to move the tissues more quickly or more slowly, depending on the reason for treatment. Different speeds are achieved by changing the frequency of waves between 5HZ and 250hz (this translates to times per second that the tissues vibrate).

Described as ELECTROMECHANICAL or ‘ELECTROSTATIC field’ therapy, it is NOT like magnetic therapy, TENS, Ultrasound or muscle stimulation. It does not cause heat and can be used over joint replacements.

What are its uses?
The high to low frequencies vibrate tissues at different rates. This changes consistency of myofascia from gel like to solute (more liquid). It swiftly reduces inflammation & tissue pressure, frees cellular waste & debris from tissues (interstitium) and dynamically promotes lymphatic drainage.
Deep oscillation is effective to speed all recovery & inflammation, it is gentle and soothing and
requires zero pressure so can be used on open wounds & burns, using clingfilm over the exudate.
Effective for reducing seromas and haematomas and has been clinically used since 1991, for healing from day 1 post-mastectomy.

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