Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

Following any type of surgical procedure, it is natural to experience swelling and bruising, while feeling more tired and emotional than usual. Symptoms can vary substantially, depending on your prior health and wellness and the extent or complexity of your surgery. Swelling and bruising can be painful, prevent comfortable sleeping and delay the ability to move freely.
This is due to raised pressure and inflammation within the tissues. Whilst symptoms will clear naturally in time, investing in expert post-surgical aftercare can substantially decrease your ‘down time’. You will look & feel better much sooner, reduce the risk of complications, see your results earlier & get back to living your life more quickly.

Expert Aftercare
Aftercare consists of a combination of clinical therapies to accelerate any postsurgical recovery. Manual lymphatic Drainage (MLD), Myofascial Release and Lymphascial Kinesiology Taping relieve pressure, ease pain,
reduce inflammation, detoxify your system from anaesthetics, promote uncomplicated wound, skin & tissue healing, decrease swelling, disperse bruising, encourage soft, even results and manage scarring of any type or age.

What is MLD?
MLD is a gentle, effective, soothing massage technique that powerfully stimulates the lymphatic system. MLD swiftly decreases post-surgical pain, inflammation, pressure, swelling and bruising. It speeds the absorption of residual anaesthetics and optimises wound healing. It improves initial results of liposuction and ensures soft, even results.
MLD is so gentle that it does not disrupt sutures or mesh (including delicate, precise, underlying sutures from all face and neck procedures) and many clients fall asleep during the session because of its rhythmic, soothing, hypnotic strokes. MLD DOES NOT hurt, interfere with wound healing or put strain on delicate internal & external sutures.

What are the Benefits?
• Safe to begin less than 24 hours after surgery
• Can be performed over dressings, splints and surgical tape
• Substantially reduces pressure, pain, swelling & bruising
• Reduces the need for pain relieving medication
• Resolves seromas/ haematomas without aspiration
• Accelerates results
• Improves patient comfort and satisfaction
• Improves psychological well-being
• Reduces post-surgical anxiety

How Does MLD Work?
After surgery, the lymphatic system is responsible for clearing cellular debris, bruising and maintaining fluid balances within the tissues. Often, significant swelling is generated because delicate lymphatic pathways are disrupted in the surgical area. Normal drainage is impaired due to high pressure swelling overwhelming the ability of the initial
lymphatics to open and drain surrounding tissues. This can lead to a pooling of tissue fluid and a stagnation of waste products around the site, causing prolonged bruising. MLD reduces pressure, which stimulates and enables
initial lymphatic flow. This reduces swelling and pain so that healing times can be greatly accelerated.
MLD is commonly used in conjunction with other therapies for the best results. You will be advised on the best combination for your condition and needs. All therapies are delivered during the same session.

Courses of MLD
For maximum benefit, MLD is started 24-48 hours after surgery but can begin at any time during recovery. The benefits are cumulative; they build with a number of sessions.
To accelerate healing from all facial and body surgeries, a course of 4 sessions is initially recommended, to be delivered 1-3 times per week.
This is then subsequently reviewed according to your individual needs.
For liposuction and lipo-sculpting, daily MLD sessions are recommended to evacuate residual tumescent fluid, limit bruising, haematomas or seromas and promote even results without fibrosis:
• Abdomen: 5-10 sessions
• Flanks: 5-10 sessions
• Outer and inner thighs: 3-6 sessions
• Arms: 3 sessions

MLD enhances all of the following surgeries:

Liposuction, Vaser Liposuction, 3 and 4D sculpting
• Removes residual tumescent fluid via skin (open method) or by speeding absorption (closed suture method)
• Removes excess swelling & bruising
• Limits uneven fat distribution & fibrosis
• Encourages sculpted results
• Speeds return to daily activity

Face & Neck lift:
Does NOT disturb delicate internal sutures but relieves swelling & pressure from engorged tissues
to promote faster, more comfortable healing.
• Enhances disrupted lymph flow from across face, under the chin and down the neck.

• Can be performed over splints. Does NOT disturb nasal position. Substantially relieves immediate pain from swelling & bruising

Breast Reduction
• Improves incidence of seroma/haematoma or the need to aspirate if already present

Abdominal Surgeries
• Reduces uneven results and hardened tissues
• Effectively reinstates digestive transit
• Reduces inflammation and oedemas
• Promotes healthy scar formation